Local SEO, What Are The Benefits?

As a business owner or as someone who works in the marketing department of a larger company, you probably have heard the term “local SEO.” We have many business owners including dentists, doctors, psychologists. It is enormously important for your local business to create a local optimization strategy. But before we go into the benefits of local SEO, let’s define it.

What is Local SEO?

If you have a local business, like a dental office, restaurant, or have people that visit your office regularly, it’s important to allow people to find your business online to get new customers. Even if you don’t actively get visitors to your office (and don’t need them to visit), but are targeting customers in the same geographic area as you’re in, optimization is needed to rank highly for that area. That’s the process of optimizing your business’ online presence for a geographic location.

Now that we know what local SEO is, let’s dissect these HUGE benefits of it and how they can help your business explode with growth:

What are the Benefits for local Businesses?

Benefit #1: Local SEO can be Created 100% Free

If you have the time, patience, and desire, you can learn how to build strategies for your business! Anyone can do it. We recommend checking out our post on local SEO strategies listed further below.

Benefit #2: You Will Need Less Advertising (Or None at All!)

Another benefit of local SEO is that you don’t need to spend money on Google AdWords to get new customers. In fact, many small businesses don’t spend a dime on advertising and get their local customers naturally in the search! Here’s an example for someone in West Palm Beach, Florida searching for “Online Marketing Company”

Local SEO Optimization – The Bart Organization

The top result is an advertisement from Google AdWords. The next 10 results (3 shown here) are what’s called “organic search results.” The top 3 results get tons of traffic! In fact, according to a study by Chitika, 91.5% of all clicks happen on the first page of Google.