What is Search Engine Optimization and How does SEO work?

SEO is the marketing technique to make your website Google-friendly so that you can get ranked on the first page of Google for the queries your potential customers make. With an optimized website, you can get thousands of visitors on your website every day.

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The website optimization process primarily includes Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

  1. Technical SEO helps search engine to frequently crawl your website and index properly.
  2. On-Page SEO is to improve the quality of content on your website and make your site more user-friendly.
  3. Off-Page SEO focuses on promoting your website on other credible sites and get referral traffic.

How we get you ranked at #1 in SERP


Keyword Research:

Digital Revio’s SEO experts in Atlanta begin your SEO campaign with the keyword research which helps in creating a strategy and goals.


Content Creation

Content is the king and we make sure that it has all of its crowns. We optimize the content with keywords to make it easier for Google to rank you.


Technical SEO

Our SEO experts in Atlanta ensure site speed, CDN, and many more technical things to optimize your website for easy crawling and indexing.



We start posting a variety of content on high authority domains to improve your website’s credibility (Domain Authority) and traffic.


Local Citations

Business listing is the best way to leverage local rankings. We list your business with real information on many credible sites.

Why is Digital Revio the Best SEO Company in Atlanta?

All of the SEO services providers claim to be the best SEO company, so how would you pick one among them? First of all, 99% of the best SEO claims are false. Only 1% of the SEO service providers are the ones who really can help your business.

The best thing about Digital Revio is that we don’t work to trick the search engines to rank your website. We rather understand search engine algorithm updates, create dummy strategies and test them. Then only we implement those strategies on your website.


A website without SEO is just a website. SEO makes it a sales channel

Without SEO your website is just like a leaflet, whoever you handle the URL will have a look. That’s it!  SEO makes your website a virtual place of your business where people searching on the internet lands. Many businesses use SEO just to increase brand awareness because the traffic they can get with an optimized site is enormous.

Based on a study of 920 million web pages by Ahrefs Content Explorer, 90.88% of all the pages get no traffic from Google search. Yes! ZERO traffic!

The only way out is to go with the best SEO company in Atlanta that will boost traffic on your website and drive sales.

Why Other SEO Agencies Fail?

The biggest mistake SEO consultants make is they just jump on optimizing your website without understanding your competitors, business domain, and audience. The key to SEO success is a full-proof digital marketing strategy where we align SEO with business goals. The strategy allows measuring the output from a certain amount of input. For most businesses, the reason behind opting for SEO services is to get more relevant people on their website without paying search engines for PPC advertisements.

Digital Revio has many success stories of proven SEO strategies. We plan, implement, execute, monitor, and analyze the traffic, conversions, quality leads, and google rankings. However, you shouldn’t be hung up with just #1 rankings.


#1 Rankings May Not Matter

Getting ranked on the top position in SERP only doesn’t help your business grow. SEO companies with a modern mindset understand that SEO is not just for driving traffic to your website, it is much more. Digital Revio team leverages product listing, buyer intent analysis, local listings, answer boxes, and knowledge graphs.

By making the right on-page content and technical improvements, we will make your website appear in the coveted positions such as answer boxes and knowledge graphs.

How Long Will it Take to Get You Ranked on Google SERP?

We know that every business is unique and we’ve developed different strategies as per the business niche.
It is an undeniable fact that SEO efforts take 4 to 6 months to show proliferating sales.

Here is the general roadmap of our SEO strategy:

Month 1 of SEO

For the first month, we take care of Keyword Research and strategy, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit, and Technical SEO. We also set up our management engine for reviews.

Month 2 of SEO

We keep making technical changes based on the site audit. We also pay attention to content strategy and other On-Page SEO efforts.

Month 3 of SEO

We start creating content for your website such as adding FAQs on the webpages, creating blog posts, whitepapers. We align the content strategy with your product/service KPIs. Here is a piece of good news, we start seeing search engine rankings by this month.

Month 4 of SEO

Technical SEO and Backlinking become the foundation of our SEO strategy for the future. The sales figure and google rankings will start to boost by the end of this month.

Month 5 of SEO

We keep creating content about your product or services. We also keep trying to maximize the conversion rate and website traffic.

Month 6 of SEO

We manage the status quo of SEO strategy and try to get more keywords on-board.

From here till month 12 your sales graph will never see a decrease in growth rate.

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Frequently Asked Question Regarding SEO

Do I really need an SEO Agency to Optimize my website?

If you want your website to be one of the major sources of sales revenue, you need to optimize it. Now the question is whether to go with an SEO agency or have an SEO team in-house. Well, that depends on you, an in-house team will cost you a lot of bucks and still you won’t see any results for months. The reason businesses like you are going with SEO agencies such as Digital Revio is that we are experts in Digital Marketing and won’t cost you a fortune. The minute you sign with us, it becomes our responsibility to grow your business.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO services depends on the industry niche and competitiveness. Our price packages start at $299.

Do you guarantee for #1 ranking for keywords?

We don’t make promises based on just assumptions. Actually, no reputable SEO agency does. We’ll analyze your current scenario and the business domain you operate in and then only we can tell how much time it will take to get you on the top of Google SERP.